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Train from Zaventem Airport to Brussels

Train from Zaventem Airport to Brussels

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Airport transfer Zaventem - Bruxelles (and back)

Did you know that Zaventem is one of the biggest airports in the world? Therefore arriving at Brussels Airport can be overwhelming with many taxi´s (50 euro to Brussels City Centre), busses and private airport transfers. 

The train is the best connection between the airport and the city centre. It departures each 10 minutes and the travel time is 15-20 minutes. You will arrive at Brussels Central Station where a lot of hotels are located. This is also the central stop for the departure of taxi´s, metro´s, tram´s and busses. 

A direct link railway line connects Zaventem International Airport with Brussels Central Station, and is the fastest and most convenient form of transport to the city centre. 

Ticketbar advises to buy your tickets in advance because the purchase of the tickets at Zaventem is complicated and extremely busy! You can choose if you want to have a one way or two way ticket!
ATTENTION: The tickets are only valid for the day that you inform us. Please select the date you arrive at Zaventem. At the end of the process we will ask you which date you will departure from Brussels Central Station to Zaventem when you have selected a two way ticket.

Don´t print the confirmation email. Only valid tickets will be accepted in the train. After the confirmation email you will receive the tickets in a separate email!

Exchange Conditions: No exchange possible.

Includes 2,5 euro booking fee and a 10% discount code for all the museums/attractions in Brussels that you can order at